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Masa Tenisi Turnuvası Finaline sayılı günler kaldı!

YDYO Masa Tenisi Turnuvasında finale sayılı günler kaldı. Kupalar sahiplerini bekliyor.

15 Aralık Cuma günü YDYO binası Fuaye alanında görüşmek üzere…

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At the very start of 2017-2018 Academic Year, Ismail Cem Sezer from Pearson gave a series of presentations to the students in the English Prep Program.

Sezer started with some outstanding facts regarding the constantly changing world, 21st century skills to be successful in this competitive world and the importance of being proficient in foreign languages especially in English. He highlighted the fact that without effective language skills in English, it would be almost impossible to pursue a career referring to the global youth unemployment and unemployment rate.

123Sezer also gave a quick summary of accreditation process School of Foreign Languages of Anadolu University  (AUSFL) went through and highlighted the importance of receiving language education in a accredited school. As you know, all students completing the English Prep Program receive a certificate as a proof of the qualified education in AUSFL.