Etkinlikler, HABERLER

18-19 Spring B Level Lab Task 2: Best Work

Arkadaşlarınızdan laboratuvar ödevi olarak suç üzerine bir hikaye yazmalarını istemiştik. Aşağıda B-13 ve B-12 gruplarından en iyi seçilen ödevleri bulabilirsiniz. Tüm öğrencilerimizi tebrik ederiz.


There has been a very interesting robbery in Museum of Modern Art. There was an exhibition celebrate  at last night. Police was called by an unknown person. Police arrived at the museum but the museum’s security didn’t know any problem inside. Still, he let the incoming police into the museum. This attitude, contrary to the rules of the museum, gave the security guard the most unfortunate moment of his life. People in the exhibition were discharged by police. The police who made sure that there was no one in the museum, started the operation. They said that they provided security inside then, they left the museum. Thereafter, the attendants who came in were shocked because the most valuable painting was not on the wall. The people who came in were not the police, they were thieves who came to the museum for robbery. Thieves who managed to get into the museum without sweat succeeded to escape. The painting worth $ 1 million has still not been found yet.

Ömer Faruk Yılmaz

Sebile Bağcı


I am writing about a shoplifter story in Eskişehir. Last week, I went to Migros to buy something. Then I saw something different happening. While I was buying a beer I saw a tail that is long. I followed the tail and ı saw a monkey. Suddenly, ı realized the news on TV. It’s about a monkey which escaped from the zoo. The monkey was stealing banana. It was funny for me because the monkey was a shoplifter. After a while, the monkey was lost. I bought beer and some snacks and ı left the shop. There were  police officers in front of the door. They told about a thief who stole something. I thought the monkey was been the thief. So that I said ‘’ I think the thief is in there and is stealing banana.” Police officers and ı heard screams from Migros. Someone pointed a gun to the monkey and shot it. Everybody was screaming and everywhere was  the monkey’s blood. The man who shot the monkey was arrested by police officers. He was in trail ‘killed a monkey, stole something and killed people’. The judge convicted him and he was sent him to jail. Now he is in prison.

  • Bala, Seydi and Gerçek.

American humour

It is about our country. I read it on BBC news site. The president of the USA introduced a bill about F-35 rockets and the USA started sanctions for Turkey. It has happened recently. The sanction is going on now. They started the sanction due to the fact that Turkey bought S-400 air defence rockets from Russia and the USA is angry about it but we don’t need the USA. I think Russia is the biggest power in the world.

Batuhan Damar B-12

Department: Air Craft Maintenance –Aviation

Pilots’ aggression

This story is about two pilots’ argument. I saw it on Instagram. It happened in Turkey. I am not sure but it happened last year. There were two pilots and an air traffic controller. The pilots were arguing because one of them taxied (the movement of an aircraft on the ground) incorrectly. After that, one pilot said “Come to the exit, sweetheart.” The other pilot said “Ok” I don’t know what happened later. I hope they didn’t fight at the exit.

 Oğuzhan Mirza Malaş B-12

Department: Air Traffic Control –Aviation

Wrong route

Four days ago I read a piece of news from New York Times. A British Airways plane was scheduled to travel from London to Dusseldorf, Germany but it landed in Edinburgh, Scotland by mistake. The mistake was spotted while it was landing and the passengers were welcomed to Edinburgh. The wrong schedule had been sent to the pilots so this happened. Then the plane was fuelled and it took off and finally, landed in Germany.

Aleyna Kırmızı B-12

Department: Industrial Engineering

Near future

The news is about the moon. Recently, a rocket was sent to the moon by the Chinese government. I read this news on my phone application and I was shocked because I thought about what China would like to do on the moon’s dark side. They told people that they wanted to find new materials and they wanted to research the moon’s dark side. Unfortunately, nowadays many people have forgotten about this event but in my opinion China wants to find new material only for themselves.

Türker Öztürk B-12

Department: Chemical Engineering

A beautiful visit to Cappadocia

This is entertainment news. I read it on the Internet two days ago. Bella Hadid, the famous American model, came to Nevşehir for a photo shoot. Later, she sent a story about Turkish tea and Kayseri on Instagram. Turkish people were very excited about this visit. After this, lots of people went to Cappadocia because they wanted to see her. In the end, still more people are coming to Nevşehir now. This city is very popular nowadays.

Ceren Katı B-12

Department: Material and Science Engineering

Galatasaray’s victory

This news is about Galatasaray’s being champions of the UEFA Cup. It happened in 99-2000 Football Season. Galatasaray was playing against Arsenal in the final. Normal time ended and the match was a draw so they went into extra time and extra time also ended in draw. They went to penalties and Galatasaray won for the first time in Turkish history.

Yusuf Ekici B-12

Department: Computer Engineering

Big coincidence

This news is really interesting. It is about nine pregnant nurses in Portland, USA. As far as I know this is the news from last week. I learnt about it on the Internet. Hospital employees who were surprised that nine nurses in the same hospital were pregnant congratulated them. It was shared on social media that nurses would give birth in succession between April and July. The nurses were dressed in uniforms and they posed with signs showing the dates of the births.

Tuana Aydınlı B-12

Department: Chemical Engineering

Plastic bag prices

The news is about the pricing of plastic bags. I read it on the Internet. It happened two months ago in Bursa. After shopping, a man took off his coat and made a bag out of it to avoid giving money for the plastic bag. He said that it was a reaction to those who asked why. At the end of the event he calmly went out of the market.

Bilge Toruk B-12

Department: Industrial Design

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