B Level Task 2 : Best Work

Sevgili öğrenciler,

Sizlerinde bildiği gibi, B seviyesinde yaptığımız ödevimiz Task 2’de rol modelimizi anlatan bir paragraf yazdık.

Öğretmenleriniz, sınıflardan en iyi örnekleri bizlere gönderdiler. Aşağıda bu en iyi örneklerden birini sizlerle paylaşıyoruz.

B-3 grubundan Sabiha Selin İbrahim adlı öğrencimizi de bu güzel ödev için tebrik ediyoruz.

TASK 2 : Write a text expressing your opinion about your role model. 

The Person I Admire

My role model is probably my cousin. I have known Merve ever since I could remember. She was taking care of me and finding different things to entertain me then because she is seven years older than me. We used to spend all summers together but now we can only see each other once or twice a year. She is my role model because I had the chance to witness how much she developed herself. She went abroad for her education and has traveled to different places by herself. She is living by herself in İstanbul now. The things she has done gave me the courage to do things for myself. She has always supported me no matter I decided to do.

BLevel Group 3

Selin İbrahim


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