Tıps for Oral Presentatıons

For A and B level students, the first oral presentation task is due on  Monday. For other levels, it may be at a later date. Such tasks give you the opportunity to improve your presentation skills, get immediate feedback from teachers and peers, and get better at speaking in front of a group.

Even if you are not an A level student, it is still good to have a look at the tips below.

* Read the task requirements carefully. 

What is it about?

What questions do you need to answer?

What details can you give about the questions?

Are there any particular grammar structures and vocabulary you need to use?

! Make sure that you can answer all the questions above before you start preparing you presentation.

* Familiarize yourself with the presentation criteria?

What are the components on the criteria?

What do you need to do to have higher marks on each component? Explanations, examples for Content?

Does hesitation matter? Any requirements for delivery?

Read through the criteria and prepare you presentation accordingly.

! Read through the criteria. It is provided with the task description. Make sure that you meet the requirements for a good presentation.

* Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Practice your presentation in front of a mirror, for example.

Record your voice and listen to it to reflect on it.

Have a friend listen to you and give feedback.

! Remember: Practice makes it perfect!

* Check the pronunciation of words!

Use online dictionaries, for example http://dictionary.cambridge.org/

! Make a habit of checking the pronunciation of words you learn. 

* Watch the videos below. 

Try some of the suggestions in your presentation and make a difference!


* It is OK to feel nervous! You are not giving presentations in English everyday 🙂 

! This is a task to help us know you better. And you know your friends better. That’s it!

* One last suggestion: Revise you presentation!

Do you have enough slides? Or more or less than enough?

Are there a lot of sentences on the slides? If yes, revise them. Don’t write everything on the slides. Use key words to remember things.

Are the visuals compatible with your presentation? Check the relevance and quality?

Prepare note cards for your presentation. Do not write everything on them. Just the key words.  

Hope they will help. Good luck 🙂

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