Mesleki Gelişim

Professıonal development actıvıtıes: Words ın actıon

In this workshop, Güven Çağdaş Gündoğdu shared fun and productive ways of using drama in language teaching. Here’s the outline of his workshop.


Show Your Value

Participants stand in a circle. They come to the center one by one to express what they value most using gestures, mimics, and posture.

Others try to guess what they are trying to express.

Sentence Hunt

What’s your word?



Ask for a volunteer to go out. Tell him he is going to hunt for a sentence.

Get the participants up. Ask them to

stand apart from each other. Tell them

Get the participants up. Ask them to stand apart from each other. Tell them they can face somebody else as well.

Ask them to close their eyes and stretch arms forward. Tell them you are going to give some of the words of the sentence.

Tell those with the words to put them in their pockets. Ask everybody to open their eyes.

Invite the participant outside back in and start the game.

Believe yourself and you will be unstoppable.

Either I will find a way or I will make one.

I am imperfect, but I am perfectly me.

After three rounds, ask participants of what they think the theme of those quotes is.






Give each group a set of three values (A group member pics words from an envelope). Ask them to write a story and act it out to others using those values.

Groups watch each other and critique their acting.


Groups write quotes about a value and display on the walls.

Everyone expresses their opinion about the work done.

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