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“HOCAM… I CAN’T WRITE!” (For A levels)

* “Hocam, I can’t write! I don’t know anything about this!”
* “Hocam, I can’t write about it even in Turkish!”
* “Hocam, I can’t write! I can’t think of anything about this!”

You might have uttered one of these sentences or heard others saying them! I remember a lot of students complaining about writing and speaking by giving the very same reasons above. This is how I respond to such complaints: ” How much time and effort do you put in reading? ”

Studies show that there is a positive correlation between L2 reading and writing. This means that the more you read, the more input you have. The message here is obvious: Read!

  • Borrow a book from the library and read it.
  • Bookmark your favorite websites and visit them everyday to read something
  • Search about popular themes like climate change, vlogs, robots etc to learn more about them.
  • Read in English so that you can recall information in English when you want to write or speak about it.
  • Come and take different reading texts from Etkinlik Odası (A007) 🙂

And make reading a habit! Otherwise, you will have difficulty in elaborating ideas in writing and speaking.

Remember the topics for the opinion essay in your pack. You have probably written about one of them. Go read them again now! Then visit the following websites for further information. Scan the information there. Reflect on your performance: What is good? What is missing? What could you have done to make it better? …








Being distracted by technology







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