Mesleki Gelişim

Professıonal development actıvıtıes: Usıng fılms ın language classes

In this week’s professional development activity we had the opportunity to attend one of the well-received workshops conducted last semester. By popular demand, Görkem and Numan kindly accepted to repeat their workshop on using films effectively in language classes.

To add to the ones that marked the previous session, this workshop induced discussions on how to integrate activities involving films into our curriculum. Using short films or clips from longer ones was the agreed-upon idea to get the most out of these activities without causing any divergence from the school curriculum, losing track of the targeted purpose in such “fun” activities, and focusing on what is to be learned at that point in time, preferably in line with the course syllabus.

We thank Görkem and Numan once again for this session which guided all of us to some fun and practical ideas for our classes. And thanks to all those who participated, discussed, and shared.

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