Mesleki Gelişim


Below are the activities that will be conducted for professional development purposes at our school this semester:

Workshops: Interactive meetings led by in-house or guest speakers will be held for exchange of information to raise awareness, explore solutions to common problems, and improve teaching skills in line with new practices and innovations in language teaching. They are interactive training activities where participants carry out a number of activities rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation. The topics of workshops are determined according to the needs analysis carried out at the school so that they are tailored towards meeting the needs of the teachers.

5-10-minute activities: Interactive and participatory gatherings marked by hands-on experience will be arranged to share the presenters’ favourite, creative, fun, and practical activities for the language classroom.

Experience sharing – Case stories: Meetings that will allow all participants to express ideas, inquire into and reflect on key issues and areas in ELT through the framework of their personal experiences in the classroom will be organised. The discussions are planned to be structured around the following topics:  

  • Classroom management – (giving instructions, setting up tasks and interactional patterns, monitoring, persistent use of L1, undisciplined or disruptive behaviour, personality clashes)
  • The best/worst teaching practice/subject – what do you enjoy teaching/what do you think you can’t teach well?
  • Dealing with silent/dominant/bored/defiant students
  • Eye-opening moments that changed your teaching philosophy

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