Web Sayfaları (İng), İngilizce Hazırlık

A LEVEL- WEBSITE SUGGESTION- Present Perfect vs Past Sımple (and many others)

“Hocam, we don’t have this tense in Turkish, so it’s difficult for us to learn and use it.”

We’ve focused on Present Perfect and Simple Past so far this week. And soon other tenses will be revised, and maybe a new one will be introduced. Yes, this week is a ‘tense-loaded’ week, and you may feel frustrated, tired or even bored. NO. Don’t feel so! Click on this link and dive into it and practise. You may also want to have a look at here  and maybe here as well.

Remember! Practice makes it perfect!

Here are some video clips from movies or TV series or cartoons to practice Present Perfect Tense. You may repeat the sentences you here until you become more fluent.

Good luck with that!

M Melek




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