Kubilay, Berfin, Nihal, Aslı, Filiz, Dijle, Faruk, Burcu and Merve ….They all look happy, so they are there for a good reason!

Yes, they are indeed!  Their majors are all different from each other: Environmental Engineering, Interior Design, Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Law, English Language Teaching, German Language Teaching and Russian Language and Literature.  The languages they are now studying are different. Yet, they have one thing in common: The highest GPA  in the fall term in the English, French, German and Russian preparatory classes.

Congratulations on their success!

It was a pleasure to meet them all and give them little presents to show our appreciation. One of the students, though, is different from others: Kubilay. He is not studying in our school now. He was an A level student in the fall term and he successfully completed the prep school, so he has started his studies in the Education Faculty. By the way, his proficiency exam score was 93. Pretty high, isn’t it?

We know that there are many other successful students in our school. This is just a bouquet!

Good luck in the spring term to everybody.

Keep the following in your mind at all times:

Success breeds success!

Practice makes it perfect!

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