Etkinlikler, İngilizce Hazırlık


As you know, our school hosts more than 2000 students and they are all young adults, mostly over 18 years old. Today, we were all surprised when we saw some children wandering in the school building, saying “hi” to our students and teachers and asking difficult questions to their guide. Yes,  this was a school visit: 14 students (aged 8-12) with their two teachers from  Emine Emir Şahbaz Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi visited us.

… How many students are there in this school? Do you teach Japanese? What about the number of classes? Which language is this? Who can watch TV in TV rooms? How many people does this conference room accommodate? Do you have any musical instruments here? …

They were just amazed by the size of the school building, number of students and teachers and the languages taught. They visited some classrooms and labs, talked to our students, and met different teachers. It was great to see their amazement when Cahit hoca talked to them in Russian, and learned that we had teachers from China!

They also paid a short visit to our school director Belgin Aydin and bombarded her with their difficult questions like How do you manage such a big school? 🙂 

When walking in the corridors, standing in front of the cafeteria and visiting classrooms, they were all welcomed by smiling faces of teachers and students, which actually made their visit more pleasant and remarkable.

I want to be a surgeon ….  nursery school teacher … maths teachers … a shark researcher…

It was interesting for them to hear about different majors from the students: business administration, air traffic control, computer engineering, philosophy, history, environmental engineering etc. They also seemed pretty sure about their career plans. Ambitious, curious and smart children! Hope they will make their dreams come true, and hope they will remember this visit in the future.

Word of the day 🙂

A shark researcher!? After they left, I googled if there was a word for that. Here is what I have found: Elasmobranchologist! Cool!








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