Başarı Hikayeleri

Yunus Turgut

I studied at prep school in 2015-2016 school year. In the fall term, I was at B level. My English knowledge was very bad. My classmates knew English better than me. Also one of my classmates’ department was English Language Teaching. In the first week I realized and thought that I had to study hard to pass prep school. I did all the tasks and Myenglishlab tasks. I reviewed the lessons everyday and I watched series in English. I memorized words that I didn’t know and I repeated it in my mind. I did these things everyday and realized the progress of my English knowledge. At the end of the Fall term, I passed the B level.

In the Spring term I studied as an A level student. Everyone was saying that proficiency exam was so diffucult and it was hard to pass. I ignored these opinions and went on working hard. In that term I knew English grammer, that’s why I tried to improve my vocabulary knowledge. I memorized academic words and YDS exam’s words. I bought a book and studied it everyday. I read news in English and Turkish, and after that I compared what I understand. I listened to music in English with Turkish subtitles. In this way I could remember words’ meanings easily with songs’ rhythm. After all of this work, I passed the proficiency exam. Before the exam week my grandmother died, therefore my grade was bad: 71.
Now I am an industrial engineering student and %30 of my lessons is in English. Thanks to prep school, I can understand English lessons easily. In general, I look up the dictionary for technical English words. We use all of the grammar, phrasal verbs, listening, reading and writing skills.

To sum up, in prep school, we have to study hard and improve our English skills for our future. We have to improve our grammar knowledge, listening, reading and writing skills and have to do all the tasks and MyEnglishlab activities very carefully.

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